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Megan has the new ManiQ ! September 25, 2011

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Megan has the new Mani Q  (better form of shellac)

All colors available ! Glitter as well 😀

If your a hard working lady and always on the go , need nails that last Megan has you covered !

Mani Q does not chip and lasts until your ready to switch colors !

Great prices as always , keep in mind shes amazing so make your appointment ASAP she is usually at least 2-4 days booked out !



Main Street Studio !


Need your hair & nails done but no baby sitter? July 14, 2011

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No worries ! Main Street Studio is the only salon that has a day care available , annnnnd its only $3 an hour ! (yes its true)

Let them play while you RELAX!

Adult supervised , monitors available for your comfort , toys games and FUN for the both of you !

Call 801 484 4247 to schedule your appointment and your little ones play date !

All Munchkins, lil ones, and rugrats welcome 🙂

xoxo Main Street Studio


Tanning is not cool , Get a SPRAY TAN !

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Do you know what a tan really is ?

Tanning is your skins way of trying to protect itself from ultraviolet rays, which are something that can harm it.  Not all tans are the same.  Understanding the timing and process of tanning will help you understand why you sometimes sunburn when you don’t expect it.

Not to mention tanning makes you look older a million times faster. GROSS!

Main Street studio can do spray tan parties & gives awesome discounts for large groups !

its summer time , get your glow on !

xoxo Main Street Studio


Sunscreen , July 8, 2011

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  • Most sunscreens don’t protect you from all of the sun’s damaging UV rays!
  • Picking the right product is critical for complete and smart sun protection.
  • Even one sunburn creates a sun damage debt you can never repay.
Only the ingredient micro zinc oxide can block all the way through the UVA wave length spectrum, meaning it blocks all the harmful UVA rays. All the other sunscreen medicine ingredients stop just a little short from blocking the entire UVA spectrum. Plus, micro zinc oxide is stable in the bottle while you’re waiting to use it, stays stable on your sun exposed skin and is not absorbed into your body.
Sunscreen ingredients break down over time, especially if they were stored at high or low temperatures
Spring clean your sunscreen and buy a new supply every year. You never know if that tube or bottle of sunscreen from last year was left in your hot car or beach bag. You can’t be sure those old bottles are still good so regardless of the expiration date you should chuck ‘em and start fresh every spring.

Wet sweaty water activities need a water resistant sunscreen – period! You have to use a water-resistant base if water or sweat will be loosening or diluting the product on your skin. You also need to reapply your sunscreen when you get out of the water or dry off after sweating.

If you’re prone to acne, be sure to pick a product that’s in an oil-free base and won’t clog your pores.The mineral sunscreen ingredients micro zinc oxide and titanium dioxide can clog pores a little in really susceptible people. The zinc oxide provides such superior protection that I recommend my acne-prone patients add good pore cleaning acne products instead of using an inferior sunscreen. Only if they can’t make the zinc oxide products work for their acne should use a Mexoryl product instead.

Sensitive skin patients should use a pure zinc oxide sunscreen. My favorite is Glycolix Elite Sunscreen. Zinc oxide is gentle on the skin and almost never causes skin allergy or irritation.


Waxing (and the details )

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Have unwanted hair that you don’t love ?

Maybe a first timer?   Here is some useful information that can help you make your decision , and being green at the same time !

Main Street Studio is having a special this summer on BRAZILIAN WAXES $25 for your first time !!!

There are plenty of ways to get rid of unwanted hair, but many of them use harsh chemicals that border on toxic. Chemical hair removal products can leave burns, cause skin irritation, and aren’t always as effective as other means, either. Hair removal is actually one of those areas where organic can be not only better for you, but even more effective.


There are a few ways you can organically remove unwanted body hair:


    • Sugaring.  This method uses granulated sugar, fresh lemon juice, and water. You mix the ingredients, heat slowly to about 250 degrees, and then allow it to cool. You apply it to the region with unwanted hair, spreading in the direction of the hair growth. You place a cotton strip on the area and peel away. This is one of the most natural (and most ancient) methods of waxing.



    • Honey waxing. This is similar to sugaring, but utilizes a mixture including sugar, honey, and corn starch. It’s applied and used in the same way as sugaring. The key with the honey mixture is to not allow it to boil, or you risk carmelizing the honey and making it so that it’s not the correct consistency.



    • Turmeric paste. For centuries, women in India have used an organic mixture of turmeric, yogurt, and flower. The paste is placed on the skin and allowed to dry. Once it’s dry, you scrub off the paste and it brings the unwanted hair along with it.



    • Organic hair removal products. There are a couple of brands out there – most notably Moom and Kiss My Face – that offer all natural, organic hair removal products, in addition to other organic beauty products. Most of these products also use herbs or essential oils to help minimize skin irritation during and after the hair removal process.



    • Plucking or manual removal. It’s much more time-consuming and painful, but for facial hair removal plucking is often your best bet.


As you well know, going organic doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful. Give one of these organic hair removal methods a shot, and see just how much easier and effective – and less irritating to your skin – they can be.



Healthy Hair tips ! July 6, 2011

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Here are some of Main Street Studio’s tips  for summer hair:

  1. Keep yourself hydrated
  2. Eat a healthy diet – what you do on the outside is as important as what you put on  your hair
  3. Buy one to two hair care products you know is gonna work
  4. Use a daily leave in conditioner – check out UNITE 7seconds leave in conditioner- great for vacation hair
  5. When out in the sun for extended periods use a hat to cover up your hair
  6. You are not bound to a ponytail – create a low messy knot instead. A knot provides a stylish summer look
xoxo Main Street Studio

Hair June 30, 2011

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Our team at Main Street Studio is filled with 7 AMAZING  hairstylists !

We have stylists for every price range, every personality and style !

Womens Haircut- $25- $60
Mens Haircut- $15- $50
Childrens Cut- $10- $40
Color- $50- $85
Color and Cut- $65- $90
Highlights/ Lowlights- $65- $100
Highlights/ Lowlights With Cut- $75- $130
Styles/ Updo's- $20- $50
Brazilian Smoothing Treatment- $50- $75
Permanents/ Straightening- $50- $500
Please contact Salon for Wedding prices and package deals
* Prices are dependant upon stylist and hair type